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Many people have undiagnosed sleep related breathing disorders that have a profound impact on their health and wellness.  Dentists can be the first line of defense by noticing the oral symptoms that can show an underlying sleep breathing disorder.  Teeth grinding or bruxism, narrow dental arches, irregular dental arches, tempromandibular joint disorder or TMJ or TMD, dark circles or a deficient mid face structure can all be clues that their is a possible issue with sleep.

Deep sleep has been linked with general and overall health of individuals.  Our brains are actually set up to heal the body during proper sleep function and if breathing is not optimal the sleep will not provide it’s restorative benefits.

When a possible symptom is noted by any of our dental health professionals a discussion is initiated with our patients to understand their unique habits and sleep patterns.  A home sleep test or HST can be used to diagnose sleep apnea or upper airway resistance syndrome from the comfort of the patients home with the use of a sleep ring.  After a Sleep Physician reads the results a diagnosis can be assigned to the patient if applicable and treatment recommendations will be made.

At Cohen Dentistry we have multiple options for both our adult and pediatric patients suffering from sleep related breathing problems with use of epigenetic orthodontics, myofunctional appliances, biomimetic oral appliance therapy or traditional appliance therapy we can help the patient achieve a restorative night sleep to have a better mood, bodily function and overall health.

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