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Advanced CT or CAT scan imaging provide the ability to plan surgical procedures and do advanced diagnosis. Cohen Dentistry is now equipped with a VA TECH GREEN CT machine which is one of the most efficient and low dose radiation scanners on the market. The diagnosis for sleep apnea, the treatment planning of implants and the removal of impacted wisdom teeth all can be completed here at Cohen Dentistry.  No need to be sent to a hospital or separate location.   Having a CAT scan machine in office can allow patients and doctors to feel confident and provide all services under one roof and not jump around for multiple imaging and appointments.

Implant treatment planning can allow for 3D implant placement allowing for the fabrication of custom surgical guides that can be used during the surgery for the precise and exact placement of the implant.  Producing the most accurate and predictable dental restoration.

The treatment of Sleep Apnea and related sleep breathing disorders can now be fully evaluated from the inside out to actually measure the volume of the patients airway. Most cases of obstructive sleep apnea stem from a lack of growth and development around the airway and the only true visualization of this restricted anatomy is through the use of a CAT scan.

When a wisdom tooth or third molar is impacted it can sometimes touch the inferior alveolar nerve, which can cause loss of sensation to the lower jaw if not evaluated prior to tooth extraction.  With the Greet CT we are able to do advanced imaging and diagnostics to evaluate the extent of the tooth impaction and understand the risks associated with the treatment.

These are just some of the common ways the CT machine can aide in dental treatment.

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